[Advaita-l] Sanskrit grammar and bhiksha

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Mother is the nearest. When one asks mother one may say : "Ma, mujhe do", but when one asks father one may say "Pitaji, mujhe dijiye". Does any such thing apply here?

Sunil KB

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Pranam to all,

During the Upanayana, the vatu begs for alms from female relatives "bhavati bhikshan dEhi". My understanding is that dEhi is an imperative: you give, to be used for familiar/informal "you".

1.Skt: tvam dEhi
2.Hin: tum dO
3.Kan:; Neenu koDu

Hence, is it grammatical correct for the vatu to state: " bhavati bhikshan dadhatu " ?

Ravi Chandrasekhara
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