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I agree with you. But people say we have to cook the rice on charcoal only
not using gas stove. I have electric stove. Can I use it? It is difficult
to cook on charcoal stove.

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> Namaste,
> We have to follow our own kulAchAra that has been handed down by our
> elders at home.
> Prof. SK Ramachander Rao wrote a beautiful book *sAlagrAma kOsha* which is
> available. It details out different types of sAlagrAmAs and the puja
> paddhati.
> Strictly speaking, what we eat everyday have to be offered before the Lord
> and only then it becomes the prasAda.  Consumption of such bhagavat prasAda
> gives chitta shuddhi.
> Just ponder and think that the poor sAlagrAma is having a couple of
> coconuts everyday and you are having a sumptual meal with rice, dal etc. If
> you too are subsisting on those couple of coconuts, then there is nothing
> wrong in offering the same to Lord.
> It is just a matter of bhAvukata which is most important and my guruji
> used to stress on this sensitivity (bhAvukata) only.
> We enjoy all the good food in life whereas the poor panchAyAtana is fed
> with couple of bananas and coconuts.  There is bhagavat-sAnnidhya in the
> panchAyAtana.  Utmost care is ensured in worshipping them.
> regs,
> sriram
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