[Advaita-l] I am Alone in the Universe?

S Srivastava sksrivastava68 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 00:43:47 CDT 2013

In Eka Jeeva Vadad we have to think like this. I am always dreaming.
> These people are only in My dream.

Sir: There is no point in forcing you to think like this. It does not help.

The truth of the statement is to be seen clearly so that there is no need
to think in a specific manner. Once I have seen clearly that the sun gives
us light, I do not need to remind myself all the time by thinking that the
sun gives us light. Once it is seen, it is over. And if I have not clearly
seen that the sun gives us light, then no amount of thinking in a
particular manner will make me understand this.

Adding another layer of belief on top of existing beliefs is not helpful.
Hopefully with the help of a sadguru and right understanding of shAstra,
there will not be any need for any contrived thinking. It will be seen as a
fact - not as a concept.

They have no Jeeva like Me.Only I am the Single Jeeva.

Only if you mean to say "I" awareness instead of jIva.

> My body and mind are also dream objects.


> I am
> Alone in the Universe.

If you have seen so far you will inevitably also see that the Universe is
in me.

I am not in the Universe. The Universe is in me.

> I have Created the Universe. Brahma cannot
> create Universe.I have created Ishvara and..


> I am worshipping the dream
> God.

No. I am not worshiping any God. I am complete as it is.

Although there is a body-mind organism that continues to worship or not
worship a God.

> If I want the dream to end I have to go to dream Guru and get

instructions in dream Vedanta. Then I will realize I am Brahma.

I have nothing to gain either by continuation of the dream or by ending of

There is an apparent jIva that has issues with the dream and wants to
control it according to his plans. He wants to realize that he is Brahman.
However as soon as he realizes it, he is no more.

> Then
> this big dream will end. This is Moksha.

"I" awareness is not dreaming anytime and jIva will never see the end of
this dream because jIva himself is a part of this dream. As soon as the
dream ends, jIva is no more to enjoy his moksha.

> Then I will be Brahman. Again
> I am Alone.

Even now I am Brahman. Even now I am alone.

It is only a phantom that insists that it is otherwise. It is only this
phantom that suffers.


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