[Advaita-l] I am Alone in the Universe?

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On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 1:09 PM, V Subrahmanian
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> On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 8:45 AM, S Srivastava <sksrivastava68 at gmail.com>wrote:
> Whatever is done by everyone is always 'with' Brahman.  In other words, the
> Only One Existent 'vastu' Brahman alone is the doer, the doing, the done
> upon. All clay-products are nothing but clay.  All brahma-vikAra is none
> other than Brahman.  Brahman alone appears as all. The pramAtR, the
> pramANam and the prameyam are all only Brahman projected as the three-fold.
Sir - this is Eka Atma Vada. Whether they like Nana Jeeva Vada or they
like Eka Jeeva Vada all Advaitis will agree to it.

In Eka Jeeva Vada we have to think Vyavaharikally like this.  I am
Alone and I am the Only One Jeeva in this Universe. This Universe is
also Jeeva's Creation. The whole Universe I have created as my dream.
Brahma is not Creator of Universe Because Brahma cannot Create
anything.  I am this One Jeeva living Alone and all the 7 billion
people are in my dream only. They are all false.

I am Brahma but I am not realizing it. The Guru and Vedanta is telling
me I am not Jeeva but Brahma. The Guru and Vedanta is also in my dream
only. But the dream Guru and dream Vedanta will help me to end this
dream.  I have to realize Brahma and end the dream.

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