[Advaita-l] I am Alone in the Universe?

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> > Simply stated any experience of an object implies its existence;
> otherwise mind cannot experience.
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> Sir:
> All I know -and will ever be able to know - is the object-like appearance
> in my awareness, which is nothing but a modulation in awareness. In other
> words, all the time I am experiencing only myself.

In the aparokShAnubhUti we have a fine verse:

सर्वोऽपि व्यवहारस्तु ब्रह्मणा क्रियते जनैः ।
अज्ञान्न विजानन्ति मृदेव हि घटादिकम् ॥ ६५

Whatever is done by everyone is always 'with' Brahman.  In other words, the
Only One Existent 'vastu' Brahman alone is the doer, the doing, the done
upon. All clay-products are nothing but clay.  All brahma-vikAra is none
other than Brahman.  Brahman alone appears as all. The pramAtR, the
pramANam and the prameyam are all only Brahman projected as the three-fold.


> praNAm
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