[Advaita-l] Interest Collection is Wrong according to Dharma?

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To add to Sri Sriram's point

From Acharyals anugrahabhashanam in Theni

"The Vedas declare in many places the Mithyatva of Dvaita. However, Dvaita is accepted from the Vyaavahaarika (empirical) standpoint. We only reject Dvaita from the Paaramaarthika (absolute) standpoint. This is where Dvaitins raise objections against Advaita and ask questions such as, “How do you associate Mithyatva to everything? Are you Mithya? Is what you say Mithya? Are the Vedas Mithya? Am I Mithya?” The Jagadguru explained that we accept the Vyaavahaarika Satyam (empirical reality) of everything – of you, of the Vedas, of the Karmas enjoined therein and so on. We only state that the Paaramaarthika Satyam (Supreme Absolute Reality) is only one.

As long as Brahma Jnana has not dawned, Karma has to be performed. There can be no second thoughts about this..."


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More seriously, without scratching our heads much about these dharma sUkshma-s, 
it is better to treat all these things as part and parcel of our materialistic life  and 
try to concentrate more on our adhyAtmika sAdhana with shraddha & bhakti 
towards almighty. 


Interestingly, our bhArata desha has produced one of the greatest brains in
finance & economy whose name is "chANakya". 

It is baffling to read the chANakya neeti shAstra and his value for money.  

We used to have aeronotical engineering called "vaimAnika shAstra"; we used to 
have techniques of cloud seeding; we used to have techniques of recognizing
gems and minerals in the underground which is a powerful geological survey
technique mentioned in vedas; we had latest farming techniques mentioned 
in vedas; we have ancient codes of algorithms in mimamsa which
were used in computational techniques; we have sulba sutras that are
mathematical formulae and what not !!

Jagat is mithya in the sense that it is ever-changing whose existence is tansient.  

With this "over-emphasis" on vedanta,  all these above-mentioned
scientific techniques have been neglected and pushed to back bench.  I would dare even to
say that none of the indians are interested to pursue the karma kANDa of pUrva-mimAmsa
to find out the "science" in them.  

Recently, i met the kerala dikshitar couple who performed atirAtra ritual successfully who was beaming with smile owing to his successful implementation of this ritual.  At the end of this ritual, there was heavy downpour of rain.  Which implies that when this atirAtra ritual is done with shraddha & bhakti, rain is bound to come.  The couple's only regret was that none of the indians are interested to know the details of this ritual whereas Germans and other foreigners are approaching them to learn and doing R&D on it and we are just mute spectators to it and discussing on the mithyatva of the jagat.

My 2 cents.


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