[Advaita-l] Interest Collection is Wrong according to Dharma?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Wed Jul 10 02:44:29 CDT 2013


our reluctance to study them and exploit them for the first three purusharthas

Just six months ago, my boss felicitated one of the greatest scholars of vyAkaraNa
and vEdAnta whose name is Br.Sri. Darshana Alankara Vishwanatha Gopalakrishna Sastry Garu.

We asked him to deliver a lecture on the importance of vedas to the common people as
there were the people belonging to different sections of society.  

He spoke extempore on vedanta and pratical importance of karma like performing shrAddha
karma to departed elders (which is now being thrown to winds) and also on certain aspects
of kareerESTi yAga for bringing rains etc. 

He said that it is good that bhArata bhUmi was, is and would be the beacon light for studies
of upanishads, vedanta and other siddhAntAs etc.  But had it shown a little care towards
the 1st three purushArthAs, probably, our nation would have been the topmost among
the list of developped countries. 

He also lamented that the country where women are worshipped as the forms of devi, 
there is no security for them and women crimes are increasing day by day.  There 
are no strict norms on women security and moral discipline among the indians. Women
crimes are the order of the day now in bhArata which once declared women as the 
embodiment of Divine Mother.  

Just thinking aloud !! Where are we heading to with this study of vedanta and 
emphasis on moksha when the basic rules of dharma is violated !


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