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Shree Rajaram - PraNAms 
Shastras have both bheda vaakyas and abheda vaakyas. Advaita considers the abheda vaakyas such as the mahaavaakyas are the main teachings of the vedas while the abheda vaakyaasa for the preliminary steps towards understanding the above- just as  upaasana is emphasized that involves bheda while for a mature seeker - nedam yadidam upaasate - Brahman is not this that you worship here - asking to give the duality involved in upaasana to recognize Brahman that because of which one sees etc but that one cannot see, etc. 
Bhagavan Ramanuja gives importance to bheda vaakyaas while abheda vaakyaas are appropriately interpreted. He proposes swagata bhedas in the Brahman. For example tat tvam asi - he uses visheShaNa visheShya samaanaadhikaraNam to interpret it. Bhagavan Madhva does not even consider Brahman as upaadana kaaraNa. 
Hence there is no point discussing Vaikunta at least in the advaitiin list asking how advaita looks at it. 
With this I will stop.
Hari Om!

>>Namaskaram. There are  sastras that talk about eternal loka. How do advaita acharyas deal with that? 
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