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I think we have talked about this before too.  Sri Sada ji has given the
Advaitic perspective.  To reiterate, there is no eternal loka such as
Vaikuntha, accepted in vyAvahArika in Advaita.  Sri Appayya Dikshitar
pointed out that an upAsaka of that deity would find himself in that loka
before krama mukta culminates in the absolute Advaitic mukti.  To clarify,
what is called brahmaloka is 'seen'/'experienced' as shiva/vishnu loka by
that particular upAsaka.  In any case it is only in the vyavaharika and
that upasaka will attain the absolute advaitic moksha only by going beyond
that shiva/vishnu loka.

The fundamental understanding required is: if there is duality there is no
Vedantic mukti.


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> Namaskarams. If Vaikuntha and Kailasa are not bautika, then what are they
> made of? Also, if they are not in vyavahara realm, how is vyavaharam
> possible in these lokas? My original question was whether vaikuntha and
> kailasa are eternal lokas in vyavahara realm but from what you say they
> seem to be paramarthika as per advaita though different to advaita siddhi.
> Is that a correct understanding of your view? If so, how can that be true
> as only advaita siddhi is paramarthika?
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