[Advaita-l] nirguNa ParaBrahman.

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Dear All,

My gratitude to you all to have helped me in my desire to know about the
NirguNa ParaBrahman in Upanishadhs.

Thanks once again.



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> One who knows param brahma (nArAyaNA) becomes brahma (spiritual) giving up
> dehAtma buddhi.
> Though engaged in battles for dharma and apparently wounded, He is in
> reality woundless (avraNam)  being made of aprakrta cinmaya sarIram.
> The defect of advaita from a realist perspective is that the jagat known
> through pratyakshAdi pramanas has to negated while sabda (nirguna etc.) can
> be interpreted to be in harmony with the inevitable experience of this
> world.
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> If the world is known to be real, then nirguna, nirAkari, nirvisesha etc.
> can be interpreted to negate material binding, material form, material
> attributes etc. Is it not?
> praNAms
> Hare Krisha
> shruti also says brahman is 'avraNaM' (wound less), if we go by above
> interpretation for nivikAra etc. then we will have to conclude that
> brahman must be having 'aprAkrutika' vraNa if not prAkrutika 'vraNaM' :-))
> Hari Hari Hari bol!!!
> bhaskar
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