[Advaita-l] Differences Between Bhamati and Vivarana

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There are two files: file #1 gives a brief list of differences and file #2
explains these and it is based on  lectures by Sri Sri Mani Dravid
Sastrigal and translated by Sri Sri S. N. Sastriji.

1. http://www.ambaa.org/pdf/bhamati-vivarana-differences-brief.pdf

2. http://www.ambaa.org/pdf/bhamati-vivarana-differences-explained.pdf

Explanations in file #2 explains the differences very well using simple
examples.  Thanks a million to Sri Sundaraman mama for coordinating these
activities and making this knowledge accessible to many.

With best wishes,

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Subject: Polagam Tribute
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Ram Ram
The introduction to Vivaranam book by Polagam Rama Sastri consisted of
about 100 pages is a magnum opus of Adv vedanta and MDS has just completed
the lectures which consisted of showing his brilliant analysis of
difference between Bhmati prakriya and Vivarana prakriya.I had requested
Sri SN Sastri to translate into English this portion based on MDS lectures
and the same is attached;I hv also found a statement of brief analysis in
table form;these have been uploaded into our Gurukulam site under "Polagam
tribute" I leave it to U as to how this can be communicated to members of
www.advaita vedanta.org Incidentally Polagam has answered all points of
Mathur prakriya in this introduction (which was covered by MDS in his
lectures) However I hv not attempted to provide translation to this
controversial portion.

K Sundararaman

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