[Advaita-l] Interest Collection is Wrong according to Dharma?

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> Hare Krishna Sri Bhaskar!

> In Rupa Gosvami's scheme of devotional progress you get rid of kama krodha
> etc. in the fourth stage - sraddha, sadhu sanga, bhajana kriya, anarta
> nivrtti, asanga / asakti, nishta, ruchi, bhava (and sthayi bhava) and prema
> (and adi prema, maha prema). At the stage of sthayi bhava, you have svarupa
> jnana (knowledge of the self and its relation to Krishna). It is hard to
> see anyone going past stage 3. Madhusudana gives progressive steps in his
> introduction to gudarthadipika but don't know if mainstream advaita has or
> uses such schemes.

If you read JMV or other works of Shankaracharya like the 'sarva vedanta
siddhanta sara sangraha' you will find multiple methods to control lust.
One popular vedantic method, of the BG, too, is to engage in doSha
darshanam.  By contemplating on the faults of desireful activity and the
objects of desire, one will develop dispassion towards desireful activity
and the objects.  But each person's proclivity is not the same.  So
different methods, a combination of them, is offered.  'haripada bhajanam'
is another method to take the mind off desire/objects.  No single method
can be complete by itself.  viveka is the supreme method but even to get
that other methods might become necessary.



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