[Advaita-l] Interest Collection is Wrong according to Dharma?

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Hare Krishna Sri Bhaskar! 
There is no mathematical model to accurately predict stock movement which is why financial astrology is considered as one possible solution. My intention in bringing that up was to state veda karmas that produce practical results are ignored.

Which smrti says, " yatra nAryastu poojyante ramante tatra devatAH" ? I'm all for a dharma but it is non-trivial to achieve. In Rupa Gosvami's scheme of devotional progress you get rid of kama krodha etc. in the fourth stage - sraddha, sadhu sanga, bhajana kriya, anarta nivrtti, asanga / asakti, nishta, ruchi, bhava (and sthayi bhava) and prema (and adi prema, maha prema). At the stage of sthayi bhava, you have svarupa jnana (knowledge of the self and its relation to Krishna). It is hard to see anyone going past stage 3. Madhusudana gives progressive steps in his introduction to gudarthadipika but don't know if mainstream advaita has or uses such schemes.
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praNAms Sri Rajaram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If Vedas and Vedangas don't serve a practical purpose, most people aren't 
going to give a damn really. 

>  Perhaps, this is the reason why 'vedAdhikAra' is restricted to certain 
category of people.  For that matter veda-s/shAstra-s are the pramANa for 
aloukika vishaya-s/ lOkAntara janmAntara jnAna-s and para vidyA...We 
cannot use veda-s as pramANa to make our money double or for wise 
investment in stock markets, for this purpose abundant study material 
available in economic market :-))

In fact, most traditionalists send their kids to modern education and 
rightfully so because science produces practical results. 

>  To get the answer to this, kindly refer H.H. Sri chandrashekhara 
bhArati's dialogue with one of the Mutt pundits who has sent his son to 
modern education for material prosperity.  Complete details of this 
dialogue is available in the book 'Dialogues with Jagadguru'. 

On women, we worship Devi because she is an eternal form of Brahman. The 
whole idea of worshipping women is an artificial concept. Women don't like 
to be worshipped unless you are .... 

>  worshipping women does not mean we have to make her to sit and offer 
shOdashOpachAra pooja :-)) It is the poojya bhAva that we should have in 
other women..Whether they like it or not does not matter as you know this 
practice is for our own self aggrandizement. 

IMO, we have to deal with women as per dharma. 

> yatra nAryastu poojyante ramante tatra devatAH says some smruti text. As 
per dharma, see all other women with the poojya bhAva (like mother, sister 
etc.) I think 'wife' always would be happy to see this practice of her 
husband :-))

I'm not opposed to sannyasa for the genuinely qualified but definitely not 
for ...,  who has not conquered kAmA and krOdhA well enough. 

>  to see other women with pUjya bhAva saNyAsatva is not required, an 
ideal gruhasthA too can practice this with all chastity. 

One popular jnAni is claimed to have said that he was overwhelmed by lust. 

>  if he is overwhelmed by kAma then he must be self-proclaimed jnAni. 

I understand avidya lesha but don't want too many jnAnis walking around 
with uncontrolled kAmA - a fair ask I presume :)

>  For that matter 'all' jnAni-s we see, are not free from prArabdha karma 
phala & avidyA lesha, perhaps the argument that we may come across is, all 
jnAni-s that we see would have kAma due to their prArabdha karma phala 
:-))  As we have seen, the scope of prArabdha karma phala & avidyA lesha 
is not as simple as we think, it can influence jnAni's kAma krOdha also. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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