[Advaita-l] Eka jiva vada and nana jiva vada.

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Mon Apr 29 06:56:17 CDT 2013


You are saying - The waking state objects can be said to be unreal only
from the "Turiya"state.

I am saying - We can say waking state objects are unreal from the DREAM
state. We can say Dream objects are unreal from WAKING state.

A person will enter into dream world and think dream objects are real in
that dream. A person will enter into waking world and think waking objects
are real. Both are making a mistake. Both type objects are unreal only.

When you dream the waking objects are not there. When you are awake the
dream objects are not there. Logic is saying BOTH are equally false.
Gaudapada and Adi Sankara are saying this
In his Brahmasutra Bhashya,under the chapter "Abhavadhikarana"(II.2.28)there is a discussion regarding the objects seen.The vijnanavadi says there is "abhava"regarding the objects.For this the Sutrakara replies:"naabhavah upalabhdeh",there is no abhava,because it is obtained:."....Na khalu abhavo bahyasya arthasya adhyavastum shakyate.Kasmat?Upalabhdeh:iti upalabhyah hi pratipatyayam bahyorthasya stambhah kudyam gatah patah iti.na ca upalabhya mantayaiva abhavo bhavitumarhati.yatha hi kascit bhunjano bhunjisadyayam truptau svayam anubhuyamanayam evam bruyat naham bhunje na va trupyami iti tadvat indriya sannikarsanena svayam upalabhyamana eva bahyartham "na ham upalabhe na sosti iti bruvan katham upadeya vacanam syat?"
Here Sri Shankara asks,how can one say after taking food,it is not so,I am not eating and also not satisfied?Here the relative reality of the objects has to be accepted.
The waking state experience is contradicted in the dream.It is not a unified experience.Therefore,Gaudapada based on the experience says the unreality of the objects,based on the two experiences.But,only based on waking state experience one cannot say it is unreal.

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