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> Namaste friends,
> I have 2 specific queries & I would request learned members in the group
> to reply to this queries:-
> 1) Is it good to ask for Mantropadesha/Deeksha from a Guru OR is it good
> if the Guru himself shows Karuna (or wait for this Guru) & gives us deeksha
> without we even  asking for it?

It happens both ways: mantropadesha upon asking for it and the Guru
bestowing it of his own accord.  [There is an instance where a person
received mantropadesha without longing for it, in dream, and later got it
confirmed from the Acharya].  Both are good as the deekShA mantra when
properly chanted will give great benefits; chitta shuddhi being the primary

> 2) Is it right to get initiated into a mantra, when our mind is worried
> about some particular thing & is unwilling to relieve from the
> tension for sometime?

There are cases where when the Guru hears about the problems faced by the
disciple/devotee, bestows a mantra for getting relief from the particular


> Thanks
> Abhinand
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