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2012/9/29 Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com>

> Namaste
> My friend said Advaitis also used foul language to explain Kapyasa in
> Vedanta. Yatha Kapyasam Pundarikam Evam Akshini in Chandogya Upanisad.
> Adi Sankara is saying eyes like monkey's behind part. Ramanuja heard
> it from his Advaita Guru and started crying because they were using
> foul language against God. Tears came from his eyes.  They were saying
> God's eyes are red like monkey's behind. He gives a different meaning
> to Kapi. Kapi is Sun but not monkey. God's eyes are red like the lotus
> lighted by Sun rays.

Reproduced here is an excerpt from an old post of this forum:

//In the Chandogya mantra 'तस्य यथा कप्यासं पुण्डरीकं एवम् अक्क्ष्णी’
Ramanija makes a great objection to Shankara's bhashya that was taught to
him by Yadavaprakasha where  Shankara's bhashya says: the Lord's eyes are
akin to the lotus that is as red as a monkey's ass, despite Shankara
clarifying there that it is not a case of a हीनोपमा since it is only an
upama to another upama. If everything is contained in everything is true
for Ramanuja, why did he not see the truth that the monkey's ass is
contained in the lotus and the lotus in the monkey's ass and everything is
contained in the Lord's eyes and the Lord's eyes are contained in
everything? //


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