[Advaita-l] Priority of Pramana based on Knowledge Domain

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Dear Sri Rajaram Venkataramani
This knowledge of how and why we as humanbeings have come to inhabit this 
earth has been engaging the attention of jnanis from Upanishadic times or 
may be before.This knowledge has to be searched by each and every individual 
and it can not be given in a platter .You have to find out whether science 
holds the key or our vedantha.According to me we are all ill equipped to 
know for certain this what this is.Let the search go on.I used to think that 
a dog can not understand how a fan works.As for as humans are concerned they 
can not know how the universe came off.Theories are putforth.All such 
theories have their own inadmissibilities.Why in our own system we have 
Mimasai,Vaiseshika,Sankhya,Charuvaka et al.Among so many millions of human 
beings only very few are investigating the true nature of life.Advaita tries 
to give rational answers for our mundane problems.In essence it says all are 
kalpitham -play of mind.So it is for us to find out what we are 
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>I would like to know if there are specific rules of interpretation the give
> higher authority to one pramana over the other based on domain of
> knowledge. For example, Vedas tell us that there was creation of life
> forms. But (scientific) inference tells us that they evolved. Can we 
> reject
> one or the other? I'mnot for a superficial reconciliation that won't stand
> scholarly scrutiny and lead us to truth.
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