[Advaita-l] Priority of Pramana based on Knowledge Domain

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> I would like to know if there are specific rules of interpretation the give
> higher authority to one pramana over the other based on domain of
> knowledge.

In Advaita Vedanta there is this instance of the Veda pramANa annulling
what is known from another pramANa, pratyakSha.  In the state of ignorance
a person takes pratyakSha as pramana and takes himself to be a kartA,
bhoktA, and the seen and experienced world to be real.  But Agama (Veda)
comes into his life at a later stage and teaches him a different truth
altogether thereby negating his earlier belief based on pratyaksha.  This
phenomenon, of a latter stronger pramANa (knowledge thereof) annulling an
earlier weaker pramANa (knowledge thereof),  has been elucidated by
Vedantins on the basis of the 'apaccheda nyAyaH' of the pUrva mImAmsA, the
details of which Shri Anand Hudli has posted in this forum before.

However, this has been challenged by the Dvaita school and there is a
debate currently going on between the two schools.


> For example, Vedas tell us that there was creation of life
> forms. But (scientific) inference tells us that they evolved. Can we reject
> one or the other? I'mnot for a superficial reconciliation that won't stand
> scholarly scrutiny and lead us to truth.
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