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praNAms Sri Sunil prabhuji
Hare Krishna

In Sayujya alone is the individual identity is lost and the one-ness is 

>  Here terms like 'one-ness' and 'loss of individuality' need to be 
elaborated further in the light of advaita. Whether loss of individuality 
of jeeva after jnAna is like wave losing its shape merging in the ocean 
and become flat water or wave realizing that it is nothing but water 
despite its shape of 'wave'??  We dont see this 'absolute' annihilation of 
individuality in the jnAni (unless there is a role of nirvikalpa samAdhi 
in advaita jnAna) as he continues to 'see' &' transact' in the world and 
continue to obey the orders of Ishwara in celestial abodes.  Moreover, I 
dont see anywhere shankara says that after the dawn of jnAna, 
individuality of jeeva gives way without any trace. If the jnAna erase the 
individuality, then we have to say jnAna would bring the 'death' to the 
jnAni :-)) Or otherwise, is this  paramArtha jnAna in the jnAni is a prior 
state to mukti in  which there is no trace of individuality?? 

And the jnAni, while realizing that he is one without second does he have 
the 'individual'or parichinna bhAva (jeeva bhAva) and realizes that Yes, 
'I' am (so and so) realized that  THAT one without second  is me though I 
am appearing as parichinna (like wave realizing its svarUpa (water) but 
still maintaining its wave form) or jeeva as soon as realizing his 
secondless identity and lost his individuality immediately means it is as 
good as 'sudden death' :-)).  Which of the two can be considered as real 
mukti or jnAna and why??  I think we have to discuss on these points 
though jnAni state or muktAvasta is still at large for us loukika-s :-))

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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