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Namste Bhaskarji,

Please have a look at the Muktika upanishad, where Lord Ram reveals the divine knowledge to Hanuman. Sayujya is mntioned in the verses: 24 -25. In Sayujya alone is the individual identity is lost and the one-ness is realized.


Sunil KB

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There is no 'sAyujyam' in this.  The very word 'sAyujya' involves a 
two-entity pre-requisite where one 'joins' the other, yet the two entities 
remaining in tact.  In Advaita there is only one Reality which is to be 

Hare Krishna

Yes, advaita teach us the one & only reality.  But shankara does talk 
mukti like sAyujya (not exactly as per dvaita) where as you mentioned 
above two entities remaining intact.  shankara talks about apAntaratama-s 
etc. in sUtra bhAshya where these mukta jeeva-s do come back to earth as 
per the instruction of parameshwara.  Can we say, this type of mukti 
jeeva-s (who are messengers of god) are not paramArtha jnAni, who does not 
have even an iota of individuality!!??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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