[Advaita-l] From the Notes on Naiskharmya Siddhi - 4th Chapter

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Sriram - PraNAms

The discussion is at vyavahaara level. Jnaanam is the recognition of the paaramaarthika status. 
In the process of preparing the mind towards that a seeker has to go through chitta suddhi which involves slowly neutralization of the loukika vaasanas with Shastra vaasanas - which involves obviously dharma aacharana and shaastra jignaasa. Shaastra vaasanas manifests in terms of shraddha and sharaddhavaan labhate jnaanam. Hence in the process of acquiring jnaanam, dharma nishTaa has become a habitual process for jignaasu and for jnaani. Since the BMI still exists at vyavahaara level, the praarabda karma which are the results of prior actions done due to ajnaanam, they are now counter balanced by the more powerful Dharmic vaasanas acquired during saadhana. Since the mind has been involved in the contemplation or nidhidhyasana of the absolute - it will continue to do even after jnaanam. 

Only the difference now for jnaani is He sees the world as his own vibhuuti in stead of vibhuuti of some Lord up there - since he was in the binary format - aatma and anaatma than in the triangular format - jiiva-jagat-Iswara. Remember the songs of ecstasy of a jnaani - in Tai. Up, aham vRikshasya reriva ... aham annam aham annam aham annam ... etc. He will be either singing His glory (for being modest) or His own glories for being truthful. What ever he does will be for loka kalyaanam only - even if he sits in the caves of arunachala or in the Himalayas.

Hari Om!

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> Pujya Sadaji,
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> Jnaani’s life style will be influenced by powerful
> shaastra vaasanas and jnaanam
> //
> Kindly elaborate the above sentence.  What is shAstra
> vAsana w.r.t to jnAni's charya.
> Can we say it as other way round ie., whatever a jnani does
> becomes a dharma sukshma
> for ajnanis and whatever He utters becomes a shAstra vAkya.
> Because, shAstra vAsana is again a *vAsana* which is no more
> present in a jnAni.
> regs,
> sriram
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