[Advaita-l] From the Notes on Naiskharmya Siddhi - 4th Chapter

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Mar 19 04:08:49 CDT 2012

Pujya Sadaji,
Jnaani’s life style will be influenced by powerful shaastra vaasanas and jnaanam
Kindly elaborate the above sentence.  What is shAstra vAsana w.r.t to jnAni's charya.
Can we say it as other way round ie., whatever a jnani does becomes a dharma sukshma
for ajnanis and whatever He utters becomes a shAstra vAkya. 
Because, shAstra vAsana is again a *vAsana* which is no more present in a jnAni.

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