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> He who is without his wife is without the sacrifice.
> We  also have the reference TAIII.8, the hotāra
> mantra anuvāka beginning senendrasya..etc.  These mantras, known as the patnīṣṭakā
> mantras are important as bricks are laid even for the wives of the devas, for
> the sacrifice is considered incomplete without them. List members may also be interested to know that the wife also recited mantras at some ceremonies. In the pravargya the adhvaryu makes the wife recite certain mantras whilst secluded as protection for progeny
It is not correct for a person without Yajnopavita to say Veda
Mantras. In Ancient India the woman also had Upanayana Samskara. But
now there is no Upanayana for women. If there is a Pravargya now the
wife cannot say the Veda Mantras because she has not learned it after
Upanayana. She is forbidden to say Veda Mantras. The Adhvaryu will say
the Veda Mantras for her.

Same example can be given for Men also. In marriage ceremony the
bridegroom must say some Veda Mantras. But modern bridegrooms have no
Vedic education. Then the Purohita will say the Veda Mantras of the
bridegroom. Like this is happening the mantras for women will be said
by another person with Vedic education. This is the practice.

There cannot be right to say Veda Mantras without Upanayana.

> (tiraskritya yajur vāchayati-TA 5.6.12)This is in case the gaze towards the gharma vessel could burn the child RegardsSubhanu
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