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Rajaram - PraNAms

Coming from VishiShTaadvaita tradition, I understand the role of saguna bhakti. At that same time with the scientific mind I could not accept the personified God. Hence only after lot of analysis I embarked the advaita. All this background is just to say that all these philosophical positions have their role towards the understanding of the ultimate truth, if not in this life, but in the coming lives. Only problem I find which is not part of Vedic culture is denouncing the daarshanikas than darshanas. When we could say -as Charvaaka mahanumi - the materialist philosopher at that time, there is no place for personal attacks. That shows the immaturity of the accuser. The best thing to do is to leave them until they can develop a mind that can discriminate. 
Hari Om!

--- On Sun, 3/18/12, Rajaram Venkataramani <rajaramvenk at gmail.com> wrote:

> The issue that gaudiya vaishnavas
> have with Advaitam is that the latter
> considers Ishwara, His names, forms and divine qualties to
> be mithya
> whereas in their view the Upanishads do not. They also do
> not accept that
> the names and forms of Ishwara are unreal and stand on the
> support of texts
> such as "nama chintamani krishna, chaitanya rasa vigraha,
> purna suddha,
> nitya, mukta, abhijnatva, nama, namine". 

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