[Advaita-l] Science and Religion

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Sun Mar 18 06:12:19 CDT 2012

K Sadananda wrote:
"There is also the Godel's incompleteness theorems for any fundamentally based axiomatic systems; and further considerations where these theorems do not apply too. In that last category the absolute existence-consciousness that is limitless stands beyond the applicability since it is the subject who is existent-consciousness and is pre-requisite for any epistemological applications."


Thie topic of how Goedel is oft quoted and misquoted to demonstrate the limits of science amd logic in spiritual enquiry came up in a thread on the Satchidanandendra list where I had posted a note on the relevant sections where and how vivaraNam describes ignorance as imagined and the consequences of such a statement. I had given the link below writtent by an authority on Goedel who had actually met with him. Whilst still a little technical then article attached gives a well structured analysis of the issue and may be interesting to some list members. You will note that the author still only addresses the issue from the standpoint of a dualist view of God and reality.




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