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Dear Friends,                     I can only simple say that were the science ends religion starts and vice versa Holds true. Here is some details of kshetra palaka/palaka or protectors of this mother land.

Shree Kameswararao - PraNAms

The science we know deals with the objectionable entities that  includes the mind when it is objectified.

A true religion looks at the whole subject-object duality and comes up with that which is absolute that forms the basis for both. In the process one arrives the  consciousness-existence which is invariable in both the subject-object reality. Hence Kena says recognition of the truth can be done in ever objective knowledge - pratibodha viditam matam. 

In that sense the objective analysis is only a limited to part of the totality and is useful in transactions reality which is objectifiable. 

>From the point of true religion, it is does not dismiss the objective reality but only points out that it is only transactional or relative and not absolute.
The problem comes only when we try to extend the range of applicability of the objective sciences to the subject - a conscious entity.

Without objectification, subject also cannot be analyzed. Pure consciousness cannot be realized without the mind which is also an object of analysis. 

Correct understanding of these limitations is the wisdom.

Hari Om!

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