[Advaita-l] Fwd: ’upAsana' and 'bhakti' part 2

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 15 07:08:09 CDT 2012


shrI Shankar:

>So it might well be okay to say acceptance of Sruti is belief, but for 
that matter all the upAsana SAstra is based on sabda pramana too. 

This is partially true. This is why:

If the shruti says perform the shyena yAga to grind your enemies to dust. First one has to believe to some degree that the process of the yAga will kill the enemies.

But belief here is not central to achieving success in the yAga... but the correct process. Success here means - decimating the enemy. No amount of belief is going to balance for any short comings in the process. Like that.

>Just as you feel the Shankaravijayam is a bundle of fanciful stories so too
>do I feel about your ramblings on tantra and mantra.  

All I will say for now is that you are in for a rude shock if you really think each and every detail in the shankara vijayam is true.

Not just to shankara vijaya, this comment of mine will apply even to hagiographies of well known tAntrika-s. I am sure this pleases you. :)

So you know now that I am not using double standards.

>This list which primarily discusses Advaita as taught by Shankara and His tradition is not
>the place for the stuff you are coming up with.  Pl. keep them away from
>this List and spare the members here the space and time for discussing the
>true agenda of this List.

Ah! Talking about relevancy...are we now? This thought of yours would have saved many people's time, if only it occurred a few weeks before. :)

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