[Advaita-l] Ishwara Turiya?

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om shri satgurubhyo namaH

Namo NamaH

 in a smiliar vein as *Shri ShankaraBharadwajji *:

2 cents.

the Pacific Ocean cannot be contained in a 1-ounce jar.

isn't this the attempt you and i are making to pin-point Brahman or Avyakta

how can the limited mind comprehend the Brahman "unlimited"?

thus it is beautiful that we have varying schools of thought in Advaita,
(Bhaamati, Vivarna, etc...).

For, don't they represent MODELS to break ignorance / and notions which
condition our mind to limit our "existence-conciousness-infinitude".

this is debatable. some say we can throw away scriptures once they have
served the purpose.
Like the *kataka* seed powder (*Strychnos potatorum*). For what use do
scriptures' methodology or MODELS have once they have served the purpose?

Are not scriptures ideas within *vyaavahaarik *categorization*?*

Why are we making these higherarchies of states (*avasthaaH), *bodies,
levels, 2,3 5, etc...

Can we not go on subdividing, infinite regress (anavastha dosh)?

Perhaps Ishwara can be classified in different ways /
Can be defined in different contexts ?

OR  we are to have various way to gain  progressive understanding
(Adhyaaropa Apavaada) which clarifies the apparent confusions?

I think that everything beyond *sukshma* (ie. Avyakta and Brahman) is
beyond mental gymnastics.

That is why we may have this trouble with connecting Brahman, Ishvara and
Avidyaa, etc... in one simple map.
They are all beyond mind so they cannot be pin-pointed in only one way,
perhaps? IMHO

Is this a cop out / evasion / avoidance of the answer?

If Brahman alone IS where / how do we get all these other concepts sorted

Will this help Make the mind stop oscillating?

Then What ?

Again, it is beautiful we have multiple school in Advaita. Because that
prooves a point. That Brahman cannot be pin-pointed through words. Through
one trajectory. These are only systematic guiding MODELS to break "our"

And, though, the Truth is ONE, when the Truth is relayed by various Adepts
or heard by varying people the same "Elephant" is not aprehended in its

Personally, I subscribe to the teaching I imbibed from a Teacher while
learning Chapter thirteen of the Bhagavad Geeta,

That Ishvara and Avidyaa are like 2 sides of the same coin depending on

One is Jadda and the other Chaitanya Avyakta.

And, Brahman is ultimately beyond this also.

THOUGH this is just one presentation, one model.
AND, the same teacher may present Ishvara as being equivalent to Sagurna
Brahman in another context. If that makes any sense. For some other purpose
or understanding / discussion.

Can we not appreciate the need for both scenarios / definitions?
Can we not reconcile the differences?
There is a methodology to reconcile differences.
*Tatparya Nirnaya*:

   - Vedaanta-Saara  by Swami Nikhilananda ISBN: 81-7505-110-8

2 cents were pristine at one point though might be oxidized green through
this bucket of agitation medium.

with Satguru smaranam


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> Is Ishwara Turiya?
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