[Advaita-l] Ashwamedha Yajna in Hasan

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Wed Mar 7 08:04:01 CST 2012

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> Namaste
> I am trying to prove the Ashwamedha in Doddapura cannot be correct
> duration because they did it for 7 days. Ramayana has said Ashwamedha
> will be 3 days followed by other Yajnas. How many days for other
> Yajnas like Chatushtoma, Ukthya, Atiratra, Jyotishtoma, Aptoryama,
> Abhijit and Visvajit? What is total duration of these Yajnas? 
My point is that just because something done today is called aSvamedha,
it is not necessarily the same as the aSvamedha performed by royalty in
olden times. So the question of correct performance of aSvamedha does
not even really arise in this case.
There is an organization called Gayatri Parivar, which conducts an event
almost every year, called aSvamedha, but the central ritual done is only
gAyatrI homa. They get thousands of people to recite gAyatrI mantra as
part of this event. It is *called* aSvamedha for press release purposes,
but there is no point in finding fault with the "correctness" or otherwise
of what they do. The point they want to make is that the phala of doing
this kind of yajna should be considered equal to the phala of doing an
nAyaM yajno mukhyoSvamedhaH | parantu phalastuty artham aSvamedha
ity upacaryata eveti samAdhIyatAM.

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