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The desire to explain away prompted by the fear of losing belief
ultimately truimphs.

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> Namaste,
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> Acccording to the pravachanam of Brahma Shri Samavedam Shanmukha
> Sharma Garu on lalitopAkhyAyam, the nAmA-s in the popular versions of
> lalitA-sahasranAma have a mistake. They describe
> //
> Here are the excerpts from Shri Harsha Ramamurty of Kamakoti Mandali:
> ******************
> In the past, when a question was posed before H H shrI sacchidAnanda
> shivAbhinava nrsimha bhAratI mahAsvAmigal of shringerI shAradA pITham in
> this regard, he smiled and replied, ‘Does it matter? There are several such
> discrepancies between the tales narrated in various purANas.
> But if you want a practical answer to satisfy your curiosity, my choice
> would be to go with lalitA sahasranAma’. It must be noted that
> lalitopAkhyAna is not held as an important
> pArayaNa grantha in shringerI maTha on the lines of durgA saptashatI or
> lalitA sahasranAma. H H also favors sahasranAma because of its origin from
> vashinyAdi vAgdevatas, who represent verily the speech of lalitA parA
> bhaTTArikA.
> Moreover, sahasranAma is not merely a stotra but also a mAlA-mantra.
> The importance of sahasranAma over other pramANas was also illustrated by
> mahAsvAmigal when someone questioned him regarding
> the structure of bIja, shakti and kIlaka for panchadashI mantra.
> H H, after nine days of discussion with several scholars from gauDa,
> gurjara etc., concluded that the pramANa of sahasranAma,
> which also matches what is described in dakShiNAmUrti samhitA and the
> tradition of shringerI maTha, is acceptable (as against tantras such as
> paramAnanda),
> based on the names: shaktikUTaikatApannakaTyadhobhAgadhArinI etc.
> In our opinion, this issue is really not worthy of deep contemplation or
> discussion.
> If it was, the invincible bhAskararAya would hardly have ignored it
> in his magnum opus saubhAgya bhAskara.
> ***********************
> Hope it is clear now.
> regs,
> sriram
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