[Advaita-l] Upanishad Ganga - on Duradarshan

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Sun Mar 4 20:59:37 CST 2012

PraNAms - 
The Following info may be of interest for those who are in India. These series are developed by Chinmaya Mission depicting the stories based on Upanishads. I have watched one of them -I think it was about Jaabaali - done extremely well. 

Hari Om!
Greetings !

Upanishad Ganga shall be telecast on Doordarshan National (DD I) every Sunday, March 11 onwards from 10-10.30 am. Do mark your calendar.

Please do share this emailer with others, so that they too may partake of the joy of a dip in this 'Ganga'...

For those overseas - it seems like the impossible may become possible.  Upanishad Ganga will be available on the following link:


Please go to the DD National box and click and watch!

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