[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

Krunal Makwana makwanakb at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 26 18:28:28 CDT 2012

Jai Sri Krsna

Namaste All,

I have been a silent spectator on this advaita list now for quite a few
years and have gained much via the words of the learned scholars which I am
ever indebted for. However for the last few months the tone and replies of
many members is baffling and rude to the point of common courtesy being
non-existent, but my respect to the moderators for tolerating such
behaviour and allowing looping arguments to continue in the wish for a
positive out put (though the wish is left in vain :-) ).

Please accept my apologies for this out burst but I had to vent it out.
Can't the members stop having a 'pop' at one and rather constructively
dialogue whilst respecting each others points of view regardless if it does
not fit into your belief framework?

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> On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 2:09 AM, S L Shivashankar
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> > Apparently my guru thinks
Faith on a person. OK.
> But, how to check that he knows enough about shAstra-s and is pure enough
> to stand steadfast in truth ?
> Just one way, study yourself and check.

With all due respect Sri lalitAlAlitaH, who are you to question his Guru
and how much he knows about shastra? Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi knew squat
about shastra but wasn't he realised didn't he not know the science of
advaita? Does the authenticity of being pure have to be stamped by your
pure self before we accept them as authoritive.

> According to sha~Nkara and others the injunctions of shAstra-s are left
> away and opposed views are followed only when one is tainted with kAma,
> which expresses itself in many ways.

Shankara entered into a women's body to experience the science of love, he
performed the final rites of his mother. Will you class these actioned
tainted with kAma? If so your fundamental belief system in advaita is
rocked to the core as the very person you rest on is flawed. Even Adi
Shankara wasn't stupid to follow the scriptures and law blindly. He used
his intelligence and heart to make decisions, though he venerated and
followed the vedic texts diligently he was not afraid to divert where he
thought necessary and we should learn from that too.

> > Do you think that Dayananda would have got such an award if the Jagadguru
> > and the Sringeri Matha thought that Dayananda and his disciples where
> > heavily violating dharma?
> It is now a custom to ignore violations of shAstra-s by insiders of
> hinduism, because in a way or other they are helping hindu community,
> either by teaching world about us or by bringing money, etc.
> Checking violators is now a dangerous thing and in many ways impractical.
> It needs enough courage too

I apologise again in advance, but where does this madness end? You are now
questioning the actions of an AcArya, what qualifications do you hold to
question and disrespect the actions of a present AcArya who himself is the
embodiment of Adi saMkara, who I mentioned earlier violated rules in his

Anyway, I don't want to hurt your feelings. Please keep going with respect
> for whatever you are doing. Take everything I said as impractical and
> academic.

After a complete blow of the AcArya, establishing everything against your
views as funadmentally nAstika, belittling someones guru, you don't want to
hurt someones feelings, i frankly find it too late and insincere.

Though I agree Vedic dharma fundamentally has to be intact including that
of the advaitic position, we have to move with the times, even we have to
admit the Vedic dharmic practices we follow now is not what was practiced
during the time saMkara let alone bhagavAna kR^iSNa! We have to move with
the times using out heart and mind without the need of disrespecting
someone elses belief system.

Once again I am sincerely sorry for this rant but the old members of this
list will understand the reason for my post and (I hope) share my thoughts
on the tone and direction of the recent posts.

Please show courtesy, respect, humility and prem when posting or replying
to posts. It's just a shame that we as people with belief in one true
AcArya and his directions of this divine path can't sometimes practice the
mere basics.

AcArya devo bhavaH | prema devo bhavaH

Kind regards,


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