[Advaita-l] mleccha-s not eligible to take Hinduism??

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On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 2:09 AM, S L Shivashankar
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> Everyone is free to do according to wish. We can't stop them. And
> > definitely we are not writing for that purpose. We are just checking that
> > whether the person converting hindu is doing that according to shAstra-s
> or
> > not.
> I don´t know if "the person" is referring to me specifically. In any case,
> I would like to comment upon what you have written.

Person is not S L Shivashankar. He is anyone who wants to convert hindu. It
was declared already.
As you already converted, you are not being talked here. Because my
questions are for a person who has not yet converted and wants to know
everything about conversion and it's validity, etc.

>  > If not why is he doing that ? Will he be benefited by doing karma and
> > upAsanA according to shAstra-s ?
> Apparently my guru thinks

Faith on a person. OK.
But, how to check that he knows enough about shAstra-s and is pure enough
to stand steadfast in truth ?
Just one way, study yourself and check.

> > Has he faith in shAstras or not ?
> >
> If yes,
> > why isn't he accepting that conversion is not applicable ?
> Quite obviously there are many people from very traditional backgrounds who
> differs from your view, and who are willing to make an exception

OK. The making of exception is based on wish of those person. We don't
consider this base enough.

> > I And why is he
> > following rules laid by a less-knowing person ?
> I can assure you he´s not a "less-knowing person", unless your definition
> of such a person is someone who happens to disagree with your own
> interpretations :-)

My definition is not based on faith on a person. Knowing enough shAstra-s,
including mImAMsA is the standard with qualities like truthfulness, lack of
greed, etc.
According to sha~Nkara and others the injunctions of shAstra-s are left
away and opposed views are followed only when one is tainted with kAma,
which expresses itself in many ways.

>  > These questions go against every samAja-sudhAraka, including
> vivekAnanda,
> > dayAnanda, chinmayAnanda, etc.

dayAnanda = AryasamAja's establisher.
But, including AVG's dayAnanda is also not barred.
He is also doing something like reformation of vaidika-s.

> Swami Dayananda, did you know that he recently got
> the Adi Shankara Award from Sringeri Jagadguru HH Bharati Tirtha Swamigal?

I know. Some prize from some organization can't prove someone valid for all
his moves. Award was specific for specific work.

> Do you think that Dayananda would have got such an award if the Jagadguru
> and the Sringeri Matha thought that Dayananda and his disciples where
> heavily violating dharma?

It is now a custom to ignore violations of shAstra-s by insiders of
hinduism, because in a way or other they are helping hindu community,
either by teaching world about us or by bringing money, etc.
Checking violators is now a dangerous thing and in many ways impractical.
It needs enough courage too.

> Please keep in mind that at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
> there are many Westerners, and upanayanam is given also to some Western
> students, for instance the brilliant scholar Dr Michael Comans
> (Vasudevacharya), author of several books on vedanta.

AVG is not an authority on dharmashAstra-s. It's moves reflect it's own
rules and observations which are not necessarily based on scriptures.

> It is a well-known
> fact that Swami Dayananda has a very "liberal" attitude on caste-issues,

That liberal attitude makes him outsider for vaidika-s.

> and there´s no chance that the Sringeri Jagadguru and the Matha doesn´t
> know about this. The spreading of vedanta, veda and hindu values among
> people also outside the traditional brahmana group is one of the hallmarks
> of Swami Dayananda and Arsha Vidya Gurukulam.

This is what we appreciate, spreading good things. Nothing more.

> Nevertheless, he is given the
> Adi Shankara Award. Does this mean that the Sringeri Jagadguru is a
> "less-knowing person" according to you, or does it mean that the Jagadguru
> does not consider Swami Dayananda a violator of hindu dharma?

He may be contacted for clarification.
Unlike others, we don't believe a person because he is chief of an
organization. We didn't hesitate to refute buddha, so will we oppose
everything which is not valid according to shAstra-s.

Anyway, I don't want to hurt your feelings. Please keep going with respect
for whatever you are doing. Take everything I said as impractical and

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