[Advaita-l] Madhusudhana Saraswathi and Advaita.

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 03:39:34 CST 2012

On Saturday, February 25, 2012, Srikanta Narayanaswami wrote:

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> By his rational analysis of the different schools of thought including the
> "Upasana""(I donot want to use the word Bhakthi,because it is not found in
> the karikas,we can discern that Gaudapada is pointing out a greater
> Truth,the "Ajatavada" through the "Asparsha yoga"which is "sarva sattva
> sukkham hitah".In this way he is different from Madhusudhana
> Saraswathi,Acharya Gaudapada goes further.

Gaudapada's source of the concept of upasana is Upanishads, which has the
term bhakti. Also, how can you do Upasana without Bhakti?


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