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Poojya Sadanandaji,


these concepts  like vaikunata, lord in physical form, Sridevi, garuda, adishesha and hierarchy of jiivas there.....    Dont they look very imaginary and  presumptive??

I even feel all the forms of Gods form puranas are also came in to existence just as parables to convey for some deeper inner meaning. Don't they all appear as creations of human mind??? 

should we not aim to realize  mahavakyas  (Tat tvam asi, Pragnanam bhrama, AhamBhramasmi... )

Pardon me....  this is not to hurt others   for my own clarity I am asking

Pranams again

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> Let vishishtadvaitam be philosophically inaccurate but if
> prappatti is a
> valid vedic karma that can grant vaikuntha at the end of
> this life itself,
> why not? It seems logical to first go to Vishnu and then
> realise His
> nirguna svabhava if He insists. Apart from simplicity, this
> approach also
> satisfies one's curiosity to know His infinite attributes in
> a state of
> bliss.

Shree Rajaram - PraNAms

you seems to be jumping from one doctrine to the other. In VA(vishiShTaadvaita) there is no further going beyond the VaikunTa. The tiny jiivas take saatvik bodies after being blessed by Sridevi and serve the Lord in VaikunTa - respecting a hierarchy of jiivas there. Some of them are nitya mukta jiivas like mahalakshmi, garuda, vishvaksena, aadhisesha, etc and your have to take your rightful place in the hierarchical structure, but you enjoy there infinite happiness, even though you are tiny as well as all other enjoyments with the Lord, except you do not have the power to create. That is the end of moksha pursuit.yadgatvana nivartante taddhaama pramam mama - so no return back or going up either since it is param dhaama. 

Krama mukti is different - it is not vaikunta but satya loka where Brahmaji is in charge and there for moksha one has to gain the knowledge of aham brahmaasmi - via shravana, manana and nidhidhyaasana.

You cannot mix these two, even if your like. 

By mixing these different doctrines your are coming up with a new one - no problem in that if you develop your own doctrine but that is not VA is. 

Prapaatii involves even in VA a clear understanding of shesha-seshii bhaava - inability to help myself and surrendering at his feet is only resort with clear understanding that he is the controller and executor and also sanctifyer from all my sins - maam evaye prapadyante maayam etam tarantite| is the promise to be relied on with full faith. 

Hari Om!

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