[Advaita-l] Prapatti

Kalyan K kalyankc.81 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 09:04:22 CST 2012

>Krama mukti is different - it is not vaikunta but satya loka where
Brahmaji is in charge and there for moksha one has >to gain the knowledge
of aham brahmaasmi - via shravana, manana and nidhidhyaasana.

I thought that in krama mukti, one goes to the either satya loka, vaikuNTha
or kailAsa, depending on who one's ishTa devata is. Some posters on this
thread have also expressed similar opinion. Is this incorrect?

>Prapaatii involves even in VA a clear understanding of shesha-seshii
bhaava - inability to help myself and >surrendering at his feet is only
resort with clear understanding that he is the controller and executor and
also >sanctifyer from all my sins - maam evaye prapadyante maayam etam
tarantite| is the promise to be relied on with >full faith.

Many people (including smArtas) recite the "srI venkateSwara prapatti"
without knowing any of the details of VA philosophy. Some of these reciters
might be believers in advaita too. Would these advaitins be denied entry
into vaikuNTa because of their status as advaitins?

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