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> But Ishwara is our own Inner Self.

Not in vishishtadvaita.  Advaita understanding of kramamukti on the other 
hand depends on Ishvara being our own inner self.

> It is not that we are depending on
> someone else.  Just that He manifests in front of us in a form that is 
> blissful to us.

Is God within us or in front of us?

> Even if He appears to be different, it is just like a 
> wife depending on her husband or children on parents. So, what is wrong?

What is wrong is it is not oneness so it is incomplete understanding of 
the truth.

> We are anyway dependent on His anugraha for moksha (advaita siddhi).

No, what we want from God, or Guru, or shastra is the removal of 
ignorance.  Moksha is something which is of the self.

> Why go a state where we will lose the blissful experience with Him?

Bliss belongs to Brahman.  The biggest misunderstanding the theists have 
with the Advaita understanding of mukti is that it involves giving things 
up.  But what it really is is to become purNa -- whole, entire, complete. 
You will still have the bliss of Ishvara in mukti plus more.

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