[Advaita-l] Prayer and prArabdha

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Thu Feb 16 03:58:38 CST 2012


There are two interesting stories about astrologers related to praarabda.

A fellow wanted to test an astrologer and held a small bird in this first and asked him to predict the fate of the bird whether it is alive or dead - with an intention to falsify the prediction. The astrologer looked at him and the first and said my prediction is their fate is in your hands.  

There was a reported story about Panini, the great Sanskrit grammarian. When Panini was a boy, an astrologer came to their house and at the request of his parents saw the hand of Panini and said he will not have much education since he has no education-line. Panini took a blade and draw a line where the line should be and showed it to astrologer that now he as the line and he will be the best educated.  

The point is NOW and Self-effort are what we have, and future will take care of itself by acting properly now. That is what karmaNi eva adhikaaraste -implies. I have the choice in action and action can only be performed in the present. By proper dhaarmic action in the present I shape the results in future. The concentrated effort in the present has more bearing than all the past in framing the results of the future. We are product of the past and we are the masters of our future. Hence let us act properly.

Hari Om!

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