[Advaita-l] Naam sankirtan

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 13 05:29:09 CST 2012

>MadhusUdana is saying that the VedAnta vAkyas become revealed to the upAsaka, who has reached the
>pinnacle of saguNopAsana, in Brahmaloka, not while living here.

Where is this brahmaloka? Or what exactly is meant by a brahmaloka?

Some real place? Or some thing metaphorical and not real?

If it is some real place, the question is where is it? It it is metaphorical and not real, then the vAkya will be revealed in some place to the upAsaka which actually does not exist?

As for upAsaka-s some of them even though they have reached the pinnacle of saguNopAsana, they might or might not subscribe to the view that vedAnta vAkya-s would do something to them. Of- course these would be upAsaka-s who do not actually subscribe to advaita or for that matter any vedAnta.

So the other question then: 1) Who happens to upAsaka-s who don't subscribe to advaita vedAnta? 2) A related question then is, for people performing upAsana while not subscribing to any vedAntic school: They cannot the reach the pinnacle of saguNopAsana?

What does it mean by "reaching the pinnacle of saguNopAsana"? We sure have seen upAsaka-s who can converse with their deities... this is meant? Or there are upAsaka-s who have become the very devata, are these type meant? Surely there exists these kind of upAsaka-s in India and elsewhere, who might or might not care about vedAnta. 


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