[Advaita-l] Are actions essentially meaningless?

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Tue Dec 25 04:20:27 CST 2012

['Whatever is non-objectionable and laudable will have to be emulated by
others and not the other actions (that are not in the 'worthy of 

Hare Krishna

So, you are saying here, jnAni, most of the times would engage himself in 
doing  laudable actions, but occasionally he would also behave awkwardly ( 
i.e. engaging himself in  not so  worthy of emulation activity ) due to 
his prArabdha / avidyAlesha, so people who have faith in him (as 
paramArtha jnAni) should pick and chose his activities cautiously to 
evaluate it for doing no harm to their faith in him as the 'jnAni'. If the 
occasional 'slip' is a common thing in jnAni, can we say a swamy who 
recently caught red handed in Bidadi in a 'not worthy of emulation 
activity', is the jnAni but its only an occasional 'slip' for him due to 
his prArabdha!!??  can  prArabdha karma make a paramArtha jnAni 
occasionally ajnAni, ignites the rAga-dvesha in him and force him to do 
'dushkrutya' or not so worthy to follow activity?? 

Somewhere in bruhadAraNyaka shankara says tattu sarvAtmabhAvAt arvAk 
vAlAgramapi anyatvena drushyate nAhamasmeeti tadavasthA avidyA, 
vAlAgramapi visheshaNa is important to note here).  If the jnAni 
occasionally does something questionable means his sarvAtmabhAva is 
oscillating that means sometimes he will be in avidyAvastha !! If the 
jnAni occasionally slips to rAga-dvesha due to prArabdha, then prArabdha 
karma is more powerful than that paramArtha jnAna as it has the capacity 
to drag the jnAni to koopa of rAga-dvesha, occasionally if not regularly 

Finally, all these observations boils down to one fundamental question : 
Whether prArabdha causes 'mere' continuation of the jnAni's body (which is 
anyway hardly an issue for the jnAni as he is realized that he was/is/will 
be always ashareeri only) after realization OR this prArabha/avidyAlesha 
can influence the jnAni (or jnAni's mind to be precise)  occasionally to 
do the activity that is not worthy to follow?? 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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