[Advaita-l] Are actions essentially meaningless?

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> >  yes, yadyadAcharati shreshTaH....lOkastadanuvartate says lord.  But an
> occasional  'slip' of these realized souls (due to avidyA lesha or
> prArabdha whatever it is) and their questionable attitude will always be a
> puzzle for the 'lOka' which consider him/her as 'shreshTa' is it not??

In that case the rule 'yAnyanavadyAni karmANi / sucharitAni tAni
sevitavyAni... no itarANi' (of the Taittiriyopanishad) will apply.
['Whatever is non-objectionable and laudable will have to be emulated by
others and not the other actions (that are not in the 'worthy of emulation'


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