[Advaita-l] Advaita and Islam

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Tue Dec 4 05:09:51 CST 2012

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

>  Little free time at office, hope you wont mind continuing this 

A contact with a Jnani can be such a conducive circumstance. 

>  My question is particular here..whether this jnAni is ONLY accepted 
paramArtha jnAni of vedAnta saMpradAya or any other noble 'father'from 
Christianity  or 'sufi'or sacred mullah from Islamic religion will do?? 

His paripaaka is such that he accepts that sage, his words as the exact 
ones required for
his liberation.  Even a book on this topic can bring about such an effect.

>  interesting, prabhuji, you are saying here a written book, news paper 
article, internet mesg. or website information  will be an alternative for 
the physical presence & interaction of the guru ??  In that case what is 
the need of traditional gurukula, importance of sampradAya and sAmpradAyic 
instructions like : tadvijnAnArthaM sa gurumevAbhigacchet samitpANiH 
shrOtreeyaM brahma nishTaM??  tadviddhi pranipAtena, pariprashnena 
sevayaa?? etc. Do you mean to say here for the 'ready' sAdhaka' a book is 
more than enough to complete the role of 'guru'??  I am not sure you are 
saying this as a genral rule or an exceptional one for some particular 

These terms may not matter but their meaning is clear for every seeker of 
knowledge. When
Vedanta sampradaya accepts that this knowledge can come to a person 
puraaNa shravaNa also, any other kathA or essay on the topic can work.

>  If that is the case where does the scope of vedAnta as untya pramANa 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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