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> praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> One can look at it this way too: The good principles will generate chitta
> shuddhi and take that jiva upwards in the sadhana marga.  When he is fit
> to
> get the Advaita jnana he will find himself in the circumstances conducive
> to that.
> >  Kidnly clarify what are those conducive circumstances, whether the
> sAdhaka (who is pakva) would find these conducive circumstances in the
> vaidika mArga/sAdhana or outside of this vaidika mArga??  is it
> like'saMparka' of some shrOtreeya / brahmaNishTa jnAni?? (like Paul
> Brunton finding the ways with ramaNa maharshi) or something else within
> his own religion and religious leaders??

A contact with a Jnani can be such a conducive circumstance.  His paripaaka
is such that he accepts that sage, his words as the exact ones required for
his liberation.  Even a book on this topic can bring about such an effect.

> It may not demand a birth in vaidika sampradaya.
> >  It may not require a birth in vaidika saMpradAya, but he has to do his
> sAdhana according to vaidika saMpradAya to get that upanishad pratipAdita
> mOksha!! is it not??  if not then we have to admit that there is an
> alternative to vaidika mArga / saMpradAya !!

Even in laukika jnana like learning any subject such as physics or
mastering a fine art like music one has to apply his mind to the template
of: shravaNa, manana and nididhyasana (practice).  These terms may not
matter but their meaning is clear for every seeker of knowledge. When
Vedanta sampradaya accepts that this knowledge can come to a person through
puraaNa shravaNa also, any other kathA or essay on the topic can work.

When an advanced jiva starts believing in his Self, the belief in the Veda
becomes only secondary; it being stressed only to bring about the former
conviction.  That is why the Vivekachudamani says:  shaastram yuktiH
deshikoktiH pramANam....antaH siddhA svAnubhUtiH pramANam.   Such a
sadhaka, whoever he might be, yaH kashchidapi, will get a feel of things
when the appropriate message is placed by providence in his range.
Everything will fall in place for him.



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