[Advaita-l] Sankhya and Yoga can give Moksha?

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Sankhya or Samkhya comes from Samyak Khyati or Samyak Jnana or Right knowledge. All who reads Sankhya may not necessarily get the right knowledge. Ashvaghosha told us in his Buddha charita that even Lord Buddha had doubt as to what happens to the multiple purusha after escaping from the wiles of the Prakriti. He (Lord Buddha) thought that if the identity of the liberated purushas remain even after they get out of the wiles of the Prakrit then it would not be real Nirvana as there would be no guarantee that they would not come back again to the cycle of birth and death. Lord Buddha  practised Yoga too. In the Yogasutra (which Patanjali compiled) the Sankhya (Samyak-khyati) has been referred to as Viveka- khyati. Here one has to concentrate and contemplate on Ishvara, who  is a special purusha, who is free from the wiles of the Prakriti. and Ishvara's vachaka is OM. That means Patanjali tells us to contemplate on "OM". Even in the Yogasutra there is no
 mention as to what happens to the liberated purushas. But one who really uinderstands the Sankhya would know that once liberated from the Prakriti the purushas cannot have separate identity and they would become one. That has been the final conclusion of Lord Buddha as he understood the Sankhya well after his long meditation. This is what Lord Krishna also says that some people would get Liberated by Sankhya knowledge itself. This is also referred to by Adi Sankaracharya that for liberation it has to be the Vedantic knowledge as in Vedanta the liberated purushas realize the oneness with Brahman. Adi Sankaracharya too being the intellectual of the highest order like Lord Buddha, he understood what Lord Krishna said or the Svetasvatara Upanishad said in the right perspective. People of shallower depth like us only may have problem in understanding how Adi Sankaracharya referred to  Vedantic kbnowledge while discussing about the Sankhya. 

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In that case what is the meaning of Vaidika Jnana = Sankhya and
Vaidika Dhyana = Yoga? Where is Adi Sankara describing Vaidika Dhyana?
Is it meditation on Brahman?
Shri Sadasivabrahmendra Saraswati in *tAtparya deepika* which is a short gloss on manISa panchakaM as:
brahmAkAra manOvritti pravAhO(a)haM kritiM vinA
saMprajnAta samAdhiH svAt dhyAna abhyAsa prakarSataH
vrittihInaM manaH kritvA kSEtrajnaM paramAtmani
EkIkritya vimuchyEta yOgO(a)yaM mukhya uchyatE
The above statement is also the sankara bhagavatpAda hridaya which 
defines dhyAna & yOga.

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