[Advaita-l] shri vidyAraNya jayanti - a remembrance

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Namasate Sadanandaji,

Like we have the complete works of Adi Sankaracharya in Sanskrit (in the Devanagari script)  available on the Internet, so also I feel the complete works of Swami Vidyaranya (with the Sanskrit verses in the Devanagari script), as a package, should be available on the Internet. The translations and the commentaries can wait if there is any problem. I think the Sanskrit verses of the Jivanmuktiviveka are still not available in the internet. It seems most of the other books of Swami Vidyaranya are available in the Internet.

Sunil KB

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Sriramji - PraNAms and thanks.

We just started Pancadasi text for our weekly class. 

What I read in the introductions to the texts - that vidyaranya took sanyaasa and became Sankaracharya of Srigeri after serving as adviser to Hari Hara and establishing Vijayanagara Empire and serving as their minister. His brother Bharati thiirtha was by that time already the piitadhipati of Srigeri. After relinquishing the minister-ship and taking sanyaasa at the instigation of his brother, he became the next pitaadhipati. The pancadasi text was supposed to have been written half by Vidyaranya and half by Bharati Tiirtha. There may be lot of mix up in these details - not sure which is authentic. 

Just from info I have.

Hari Om!

--- Oe n Fri, 4/27/12, Venkata sriram P <venkatasriramp at yahoo.in> wrote:
> Both bid farewell to the shankarAnanda. mAdhava take
> en-route 
> to Virupaksa of Hampi and performs Bhuvaneshwari Upasana.
> He takes vidwat sanyAsa and proceeds to Sringeri and 
> assumes the yOga paTTa *vidyAraNya* under Bharati Krishna. 
> Subsequently, converts harihara & bukka raya brothers
> into hindu fold
> and establishes *vijayanagara*.  Interestingly, the day on
> which
> Vijayanagara Kingdom was established is also *vaishAkha
> mAsa
> shukla pakSa saptami tithi ravivAsara makhA nakSatra*.

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