[Advaita-l] shri vidyAraNya jayanti - a remembrance

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The pancadasi text was supposed to have been written half by Vidyaranya and half by Bharati Tiirtha. There may be lot of mix up in these details - not sure which is authentic
Whether shri bhArati tirtha and sAyaNa are one and the same is also a debatable issue. 
As you said, it is also said that panchadasi was written by both vidyAraNya & bhArati tirtha.  Some scholars are of the view that the original name of panchadasi was *brahmAnanda* because vidyAraNya hints by saying that *brahmAnandaM pravakSyAmi..*.  Commenting on this, shrI rAmakriSNa paNDita says that
*brahmAnandAbhidhaM granthaM vyAkarvE bOdhasiddhayE*. 
Some of the great scholars in Andhra Pradesh like Prof. S.S.Suryanarayana Sastry,
Shri D.V.Gundappa, Shri Vemparala Suryanarayana Sastry, Shri Gadiyaram Ramakrishna Sarma have done extensive research of the life & history of mAdhava-vidyAraNya based on
the copper plate inscriptions available in Andhra University.
Many of the myths around vidyAraNya that he was defeated by madhva scholar akSObhya tirtha etc. etc. is just a myth only.  
Frankly speaking, the vidyAraNya didn't have enough time for debates etc. as his mission 
was vEda-mata saMrakSaNa, sanAtana dharma uddharaNa.  He was a 2nd shankara who
incarnated for a particular mission.  Accomplished it.  
Mission Accomplished !!!!

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