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>  He who is ISvara, nitya-Suddha-buddha-mukta, even from the perspective
> of the
> jagat, is brahman alone. And he who is jIva, baddha and subject to saMsAra,
> from the perspective of the jagat, is also truly nitya-Suddha-buddha-mukta
> and
> is brahman alone. To say this and to write out the logical explication of
> this basic
> principle of advaita vedAnta does not make anyone a nir-ISvara-vAdin.
When the pot is broken, the space within the pot does not exist anymore,
but the space is not destroyed. The illusion with respect to the great
space that it was within the pot and outside as two distinct entities is
what is destroyed. Isvara is never destroyed. The illusion that He is
distinct from Jiva is.

The question is not of destruction but it is a case of merger.It is like when some one asks if Saguna Brahman exists then where was Nirguna brahman for which the answer is both are same, it is only a perspective by which you look at it.Sudhakar Kabra
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