[Advaita-l] Ishwara Swarupam

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Mon Apr 2 02:29:36 CDT 2012



Ishwara:Parama Krishna:Sachidhanandha Vigraha:Anadhir
aadhir Govindha:Sarva Karana Karanam says the Brahma samhitha.It
therefore follows that Ishwara is conceivable as with rupam which gives
the conceiver undescribable joy.Also it is further said such an Ishwara
is the cause of all causes.It means it is also the primordial cause
which is Brahman.Kasmin Bhagavo Vignathe sarvamidham Vignanatham
Bhavathi says Mundaka upanishadh.If Brahman is known everything knowable
is known and nothing remains unknown.So Ishwara is nondifferent from
Brahman and it is left to the seeker to conceive Him as with form or
without form.Krishnamoorthy. 

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