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>>What the question was is,if a seeker or an aspirant has reached the conviction that for him Karmas are of no use performing,should he continue to do the karmas.
> N.Srikanta.

Hari Om! Pranaams!
But Shri Srikantaji, on nitya/naimittika-karmas, which right from day one, one is aware of, that it do not bear any specific fruit, suddenly finds out there is no use of karma henceforth? 
Vairagya, if at all arises, should be on the enjoyment of karma-phalas (iha amutra phala bhoga viraagaH) and it should dawn from right discrimination of nitya-anitya-vastu viveka (brahma satyam, tat vyatiriktam sarvam anityam iti). 
If you conclude that I do not presently perceive my ancestors, so I will not do anything for their sake, but I see my wife & children and so will so everything for their sake, is it not that brahman/Atman is anindriya-gocara whereas world is very much perceived and enjoyed, so you will never seek brahman/Atman but be worldly by your own words. 
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