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> Thi now becomes the area of Jnananishta.since he has entered the dimension
> of Jnana,it doesnot create pratyavaya.

We accept it. But, have you read carefully bhAShyam ? It clearly says that
such person is adhikArI of saMnyAsa only.
We are just saying this that if you know that karma are of no use to it then
shun them in a way shAstra says. And that way is called saMnyAsa.
If you don't do it according to saMnyAsa, then you will gain pratyavAya.
Sticking to gR^ihastha-Ashrama and leaving karma is not supported by anyone.

> Further,SriShankara says in his BG Bhashya that he is fit only to become a
> Jnananishta.

Read further, that he needs saMnyAsa too.

> Hence he devotes himself to Jnananishta.

Only after saMnyAsa.

> This chapter totally rejects the theory that one must do one's
> duty(karma)for ever.

Correct. But, not for gR^ihastha.
It is supposed that he will leave karma with saMnyAsa only.

> .Further,he says that non-performance of karma cannot create phala,because
> the performance itself being "asat"it cannot create any fruit.

If you read carefully taittirIya-bhAShyam under competent guru, then you
will come to know that non-performance of nitya and naimittika karma of
gR^ihastha, etc. is due to pApam.
That means if you are not saMnyAsaI and leave karma, then it's because of
your sins and you will definitely not gain GYAnam ever.
Another thing, see sarvApexA cha yaGYAdishruterashvAdivat. You will be
amazed to know that nitya karma are expected for jiGYAsA and GYAnam.
Some school of vedAnta also hold that kAmya karma-s are also helpful to

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